58° Biennale Venezia
[BFS] Art & Fashion

in the Pavilion of the Republic of San Marino, Art and fashion come together in the creativity of international stylists and artists

Barolo Fashion Show increasingly expands its boundaries and "lands" at the 58th International Art Exhibition - Venice Biennale, guests in the special events " Friendship Project " of the Pavilion of the Republic of San Marino , with a real exhibition of iconic clothes.

The creations of "haute couture" of various interpreters of "made in Italy" "blend" with the works of great international artists in the "Art & Fashion" exhibition which will be inaugurated on Wednesday 4 September and will be open until the end of the month .

The idea was born from the inspiration of Marina Garau , artistic director of the Barolo Fashion Show, who wants an exhibition event which, organized in collaboration with Venezia News and Diffusione Italy, seals the ever closer collaboration between three Italian companies active in the emerging fashion world.

In fact, the high fashion exhibition is organized together with the Cosenza Fashion Week with the contribution of the Sardinia Fashion Chamber .

"This unique exhibition event represents an artistic consecration for many emerging Italian stylists - underlines Marina Garau - young professionals eager to make known to an international and cultured public such as Venice International Art Exhibition, thus being able to grow in one's work and with one's talents ".

The Barolo Fashion Show has created this artistic path by involving some of the stylists who have crossed the catwalk of previous editions and new exponents of the world of high fashion, the artistic production of jewelry and bijoux as well as accessories.

"We wanted a moment dedicated to the meeting between international artists and young Italian stylists and designers - explains Giorgia Sanfo> - so as to allow these precious and important professionals to have a stage of excellence like that of Venice after their performance in another place of Italian excellence such as Barolo. Fashion, as an artistic expression, has many points of contact with contemporary art. In September, therefore, visitors to the Biennale will be able to admire the union between Art and Fashion that enhances this event within the cycle of special events "Friendship Project" of the San Marino Pavilion ".

The stylists who will participate with their "works" in the project come from all over Italy:
  • Anna Mattarocci - Cagliari
  • Marta Gelmi - Turin
  • Dimitar Dradi - Misano Adriatico (RN)
  • Mihaela Slav - Turin
  • Lorena Giannini for the Sartoria Artigiana - Turin
  • Vania Taronna - Krià re_design - Foggia
  • Trixia bijoux - Turin
  • Daniele Balducci - Bra (CN)

The artists whose works housed at the Ex Ospedaletto di Santa Maria dei Miracoli complex in Venice can be admired are:
  • Gisella Battistini - Republic of San Marino
  • Gabriele Gambuti - Rimini - Italy
  • Li Geng - Beijing - China
  • Xing Junquin - Shouyang - China
  • Dario Ortiz - Ibagué - Colombia
  • Sebastian - Ciudad Camargo - Mexico
  • Tang Shuangning - China
  • Thea Tini - Republic of San Marino

During the days of the start of the project, fashion photographers, models and stylists "will invade" the location where the exhibition is held and the streets of the most beautiful city in the world with editorial and photo shoots.

Young designers will also participate in this performance Ilaria Bianchini bijoux (Turin), Francesca Boi (Asti ), Giorgia Cicatello (Cosenza), Valentina D'Angelo (Larino - CB), < em> Marina D'Antone (Catania), Valentina Denti (Turin), Luigia Granata (Cosenza), Martha Paletto (Turin), Nadia Spinelli (Acqui Terme - AL) , Angelica Tufo (Cosenza).

For the event, the precious collaborations of the stylist, theatrical and cinematographic costume designer, Agostino Porchietto , who will take care of the installations and styling of the photo editorials, of the hair stylist Marco Todaro , of the make-up artist Erika Truffelli as well as of the Moema Academy Partner of the Cosenza Fashion Week, of Francesco Franzese Partner of the event for Campania and of the splendid models from all over Italy.

The vernissage is scheduled for 17:00 on Wednesday 04 September 2019 obviously based on traditional Barolo wine from the Camerano Winery , producers since 1870.