- 5th edition -

The Barolo Fashion Show was born in 2016 from an a idea of the current Artistic Director of the Fashion Festival, Marina Garau now supported by the Fashion Director Agostino Porchietto, the stage director Mauro Sheriff and the head of photography Davide Riello as well as the P.R. manager Laura Offidani .

The initial intuition to combine the beauty of the territory with that of the Fashion works in the most varied and extravagant declinations, lives of its own life and brings with it, in an almost unexpected way, a chain of opportunities and events: today the BFS is configured as a real fashion festival, one of a kind, for all the themes that revolve around fashion.

A double movement connotes the creative effort behind the organization of the Festival, from the geographical point of view as well as from the point of view of the values it proposes.

Let's take our first steps and remain firmly anchored to the traditional Piedmontese wine lands, austere but seductive like a glass of Barolo. Even so, a great sensitivity towards the current world connotes our creative effort as organizers, which is clearly manifested on the stage of the event and in training events (but not only).

FIn addition, our journey took us to the Far East, to show the results of Made in Italy to the largest and most important Fashion District in the world, that of Wenzhou, in the Chinese province of Zheijang.

The dialectic of tradition, current affairs and internationalization is at the heart of the great BFS experience.

The program of the BFS fifth edition will be presented at a press conference in April.

The philosophy of the BFS is confirmed and the next edition will also be characterized by moments of discussion and study with professionals and experts in the fashion sector.

The fashion shows will be the central moment as well as the path of the emerging stylists who will participate in the [BFS] Contest, a real "full immersion" in a three days of fashion and design.

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