Festival Arti Visive DSIGN Alba Mostra Barolo Fashion Show
his year, for the first time ever, the Festival is also dedicating a section to Home Design. On 09 September, at the “Federico Ausebio” Civic Museum in Alba . The vernissage of the exhibition will be anticipated by the Round Table "Paths of Green Design" at 17:00. The artists and exponents of innovative companies in recycling and upcycling will discuss with each other on the topic of Bio-Filic Design, Upcycling and innovation in materials for Home Design.
Paths of Green Design: The Sustainable Design. The Conference before opening "D/SIGN" exhibition: from XX century designers to sustainability
Bacchanalia is the Sophie Dickens Exhibition in Barolo at Wimu during the 7th edition of Visual Arts Festival named "Barolo Fashion Show". From September 10 to October 2.
Asia Cangianiello Model Fashion Photo Shooting Modella Fotografia di Moda a Venezia servizio fotografico editoriale

Melancholic Venice

Melancholic Venice
a Fashion Photo Shooting in Venice by Barolo Fashion Show performed during "Art & Fashion" Project at La Biennale of Art in Venice with italian fashion designers.
Fashion Pink Beautiful fashion photography photo Venice Biennale Art

Pink Fashion in Venice

Pink Fashion - photographic editorial for the "Art & Fashion" Project, Marina Garau Art Director at the 58th Biennale of Arts in Venice - San Marino Republic Pavillon. Stylist & photo coordinator: Agostino Porchietto.
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Barolo Fashion Photo Editorial
BLUE WINEHOUSE A Special Fashion Photo Editorial made in Barolo with some Fashion Designer and Fashion Accessories Makers of the BFS Contest. Stylist
Art & Fashion Venice's Streetwear Black & White Photo Editorial
During Venice Art & Fashion Project for the San Marino Republic's Official Pavillon - 58° "Biennale of Art" we shoot this black&white streetwear photo editorial
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Our B2B mission in China, in Wenzhou and Rui'an: 26 participants including 12 stylists, 3 jewelry designers, 2 Italian schools told by the Tg3Piemonte’s report.
BFS a Venezia Biennale Art & Fashion
Art and fashion come together and the Barolo Fashion Show expands its borders even more by landing at the 58th Venice Biennale International Art Exhibition...
On the occasion of the prestigious anniversary, the most fashionable brand in the automotive world, the Mini, chooses the BFS and becomes its Top Sponsor.
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