International Festival of Art, Fashion, Design & Photography

VIII edition


from the greatest 20th century's designers to the most innovative "Green" proposals

This year, for the first time ever, the Festival is also dedicating a section to Home Design. On 09 September, at the Federico Ausebio” Civic Museum in Alba . The vernissage of the exhibition will be anticipated by the Round Table "Paths of Green Design" at 17:00.
The artists and exponents of innovative companies in recycling and upcycling will discuss with each other on the topic of Bio-Filic Design, Upcycling and innovation in materials for Home Design.

N.B. : Admission to the exhibition is included in the cost of the ticket for the visit to the Idi Natural Science Museum in Alba. You can check the prices and book your visit: HERE


BACCHANALIA a Sophie Dickens Exhibition
“Bacchanalia” of Sophie Dickens, great-grandson of the famous writer Charles Dickens, will be inaugurated on 10 September and can be visited until 2 October 2022. The works, in honor of the god of Wine, Bacchus, are made starting from old oak barrels and glass demijohns, to create sculptures dynamic and moving, transforming them into real animated works.
The focal point of the exhibition, which perfectly combines it with the main themes of the Festival, is the use of the art of upcycling, a technique that aims to reuse objects to create a product of higher quality, real or perceived.
Thanks to this exhibition it will be possible to identify with this world of strength, movement and dynamism and let oneself be carried away by the emotional poses and lyrical forms typical of the works of the famous sculptress.

PLEASE NOTE: Entrance to the exhibition is included in the cost of the ticket for the visit to the International Museum of Barolo Wine - WIMU. You can check the prices and book your visit: HERE

The Fashion's Gate 20|22

For the first time at the Barolo Fashion Show, fashion merges with the visual and scenic arts.
This year's edition expands by welcoming circus performers, singers, dancers and many other multifaceted artists, who will perform in overwhelming performances, leaving you ecstatic in a crescendo of unique emotions.
The absolute star of the show will be Ania J , the official face and voice of Fashion TV World!
It will be a Saturday evening full of performances that will alternate between fashion and show.
The present public will have the great opportunity to observe the models who will parade on the steps of the WiMu (Wine Museum) and all the personalities connected to the world of fashion and entertainment.

[BFS]off Events

In recent years, the [BFS] has created partnerships of the highest level that have led stylists and designers of the Barolo Fashion Show to participate in prestigious events such as the 58th International Art Exhibition at the Venice Biennale or the Acamante and Filliade Prize of the Academy of Fine Arts of Agrigento in Sicily