[BFS] Philosophy & Story

The Barolo Fashion Show was born in 2016 with the "Le Muse di Barolo" project. Already from the first edition there was the idea of ​​deepening the artistic sectors that also have great influence on the applied arts, quality craftsmanship and Made in Italy companies.

The Fundamental Themes of the BFS were right from the start the values ​​of sustainability, inclusion and the progress of individual freedoms.

This is how in 2018 the artistic direction of the Festival conceives the "Scars" project: through interviews and participation in moments of photography, fashion and comparisons, "exemplary" people who have overcome enormous wounds - hence the name of the project - become examples of strength, courage, overcoming suffering to instill trust and hope in others.

In 2019 the international collaboration takes shape through the twinning between Barolo> and Wenzhou (Zhejiang - China) and the visit of an Italian delegation of Designers and Schools in Wenzhou and Rui'an.

The need to grow and discover, which has always characterized and distinguished BFS, has led us to dialogue with Partners from different countries around the world.

The partnership established with Chinese friends in the city of Wenzhou, the center of Chinese design, in Zhejiang, a region deeply linked to Italy by a history of immigration and hospitality, is now consolidated.

There are over 7000 Chinese companies in the Chinese Design District of Wenzhou operating in the furniture design, furnishing accessories, fashion and accessories sector.

After a series of cognitive meetings in their respective countries, in December 2019 the champions of Chinese design production and distribution welcomed our designers (some present thanks to the victory in the contest), recognizing their skills and creativity.

The process culminated in an exchange of official letters and gifts between the mayors of Barolo and Wenzhou and in the latter's invitation to the mayor of Barolo to visit the Chinese city.

In the years 2020 and 2021 - the years that will be remembered as those of the pandemic and the repeated lockdowns - the artistic direction of the Festival is not discouraged and launches the Festival "on line" with dozens of interviews with great exponents of Design, Photography, Fashion and the Italian company of excellence.

On the "stage" of the web and social networks of the BFS there have been some of the greatest Italian photographers such as Franco Fontana, Oliviero Toscani, Fulvio Maiani, Settimio Benedusi, Jacek Soltan (Poland), Iris Brosch (France), Alina Gross (Germany), the late great celebrity and fashion photographer Giovanni Gastel. Among the designers we also remember Giampiero Bodino, Andrea Castrignano, Stefano Russo, Alviero Martini, Saturnino and many other exponents of made in Italy.